VIDEO now available for 2016 Reception for the African Diaspora

Boston Pan-Africa Forum 2016 Reception   for the African World-Wide Diaspora (held Oct. 21st  2016, at U. Mass. Boston)

Former U.S. Ambassador Walter Carrington, and Wheelock College visiting scholar from Brazil, Prof. Andrea Lisboa DeSousa, speak about the history and relevance of Pan-Africanism and African connections for US populations and for Brazilian populations. Welcome and introductions are made by BPAF Senior Advisor Prof. Jemadari Kamara, and BPAF President Prof. Joyce Hope-Scott.

The following video links are to internet “YouTube” unlisted postings. They are for educational purposes only, and may not lawfully be reproduced or used for any commercial purposes without the written permission of the BPAF. If they are not automatically actionable as presented below, copy each link into your browser.

First video — introduction by BPAF President Prof. Joyce Hope-Scott, and first part of presentation by Amb. Walter Carrington:

Second video – finish of Carrington presentation, and introduction and first part of presentation by Prof. A. L. DeSousa:

Third video – continuation of DeSousa presentation:

Fourth video –finish of DeSousa presentation, and presentation of commemorative plaques by Reginald Jackson, and beginning of Q & A session with audience participation:

Fifth Video, end of Q and A, and  Amb. Carrington comments:

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