Former programs: international webinar re Reparations, April 22

webinar: “The Global 21st Century Research University: Choices, Challenges, Futures.” Regarding developments at The University of the West Indies: The silence persists around the tenure of the Vice Chancellor Prof Hilary Beckles, and the proposals on faculty governance. There was a special event on the contested space of universities across the Global South and Global […]

Africa True University online

If this whole highlighted link does not work — type directly into your web-browser window this link: in order to use the link to: Search courses or instructor, Browse, Log In, Join TAU, View Webinars. TRUE Africa University has partnered with the MIT Center for International Studies to host an eleven-week webinar series focused […]

Mimi Jones noted in NY Times article (see posts below from B-Globe for photo))

From  NewYork Times Dec 23/2020    Remembering some of the artists, innovators and thinkers we lost in the past year. Jones, in front, as the manager pours in a cleaning agent, 1964. Horace Cort/Associated Press MIMI JONES b. 1947 From a young age, she understood the power of public resistance. By Maggie Jones When Mimi Jones was […]

Important new book and programs on PanAfricanism

Adebajo’s published comments on his new book: ADEKEYE ADEBAJO: Prophets, poets and African pantheon  BUSINESS DAY BL PREMIUM  29 NOVEMBER 2020 – Pan-Africanism can be defined as the efforts to promote the political, socioeconomic and cultural unity of Africa and its diaspora. I recently edited a 38-chapter volume on The pan-African Pantheon: Prophets, Poets and Philosophers (Jacana, 2020). With […]

Middle-Passage Marker at Boston Harbor

Included here below is a link to a video that describes  the nature of the project that produced the Boston  Harbor  marker in memory of the victims of “The Middle Passage” in the slave trade to America.  Ms. Ann Chinn was the Executive Director of this  “Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project.”    Ms Lamerchie […]