Video re AfricanStudiesAssociation racial RUPTURE issue

The African Studies Association  (ASA)  Racial  “RUPTURE” issue:  In the 1969 ASA annual conference, held in Montreal Canada that year, the African Americans and  Africans walked out, following the members’ rejection of demands from “The ASA Black Caucus” for serious improvement in the representation and recognition of Blacks in the leadership, programs and awards of the Association. At the 2018 Annual Meeting, held in Atlanta, there was  important discussion of this episode, and the lack of sufficient progress in these issues of inclusion and opportunity since that time. There were three sessions devoted to these issues. The first was the Presidential speech detailing the nature, and long history, and lack of significant progress in dealing with these issues. That was followed by a roundtable discussing the original Rupture, and a second one that discussed the possible future actions.

The ASA has now put all three videos on one page If you have trouble in separate viewing of the roundtables in the link above, click on  the video clips  for just the two roundtable of these discussions at the Atlanta conference.

Ruptures Roundtable 1 on the rupture         Roundtable 2 on future prospects in dealing with these issues;   (