Middle-Passage Marker at Boston Harbor

Included here below is a link to a video that describes  the nature of the project that produced the Boston  Harbor  marker in memory of the victims of “The Middle Passage” in the slave trade to America. 

Ms. Ann Chinn was the Executive Director of this  “Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project.”    Ms Lamerchie Frazier, Education Director of the Boston Museum of African American History, who worked on this project, narrates the video clip included below,  Dr. Vivian Johnson, formerly a professor at the Boston University School of Education,  worked with the project for about five years and it was her research that  produced some of the documentary evidence that is on the marker (such as newspaper stories, and the map of the trade routes from Africa to the US)

There are now markers up in almost all the major seaports of the US Eastern and South East coasts. This particular marker is on “The Long Warf” near Faneuil Hall, which is one of the most tourist-visited places in the U.S. That place is also very near  to where The Boston Massacre” occurred,  where Chrispus Attucks, of African and Native American ancestry, was the first mortal-casualty in the American Revolution.


Click on this link to see the video clip>    https://youtu.be/HWE7jJfu7fg