Queen Mothers’ Return project

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 Queen Mothers Tour Funding Appeal Letter
QM return modified 
now postponed – ignore March-April in ALL these materials; new dates to be announced

From fairy tales to beauty pageants, queens hold an iconic status in our culture. Ironically, the knowledge and awareness of Africa’s present-day queens is almost non-existent.

Ghana’s Queen Mothers will honor our communities across the United States with a very special Return-Visit. The Delegation  is sponsored by Pan African Multimedia of Accra, Ghana, and hosted by the Boston Pan-African Forum.

The primary objectives are to introduce the African Queenship to Americans, extend the benefits of study abroad to all students and their faculty, and to bring about a cross-cultural dialogue between African, African American and Native American communities on universal questions of family life and social goals.

A  Queen Mother and her Interpreters will discuss the  role of Queen Mothers in African villages today, how they govern, the history of their communities having both female and male leaders, and their communities’ hope and aspirations for the future.

A visit with a Queen Mother would be an experience in formal African ceremony, offering honor and mutual respect between all participants, and a rare opportunity to interact one-on-one with question and answer exchanges.

Throughout her visit, by demonstrating their culture, the Queen will enlighten our youths and families to the value of African heritage. Meeting an African Queen will be a life changing experience for young women and young men.