Ebola and other Health Related Issues in West Africa

Boston Pan-African Forum program: “Ebola and other Health Related Issues in West Africa,” a forum on the crisis in African health care systems as a context for the current Ebola Crisis. The forum was held at “The Freedom House” in Boston, Dec. 13, 2014 This video is an Introduction by BPAF President Dr. Joyce Hope Scott, and the presentation by Mr. Garbiah Page, a Liberian born Counselor now working at the Whittier Street Health Center in Boston. Other presentations to follow.


presentation by Mr. G. Page

presentation by Mr. M, Seck

click here> http://youtu.be/h8sY-hcyko

presentation by Dr. Nancy Miller

Q & A part 1

Q & A part 2

Q & A part 3

Q & A part 4

Q & A part 5


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